Nomad Wireless Charging Hub

All you need on the road.


If you travel much with your tech I don’t have to tell you about the delights of crawling under tables or reaching behind furniture to plug in the chargers you need for your various devices. With the new Nomad Charging hub you only need to find one outlet. Check out the specs of this cool new charging hub from Nomad.



  • Charges 5 devices simultaneously
  • 1 fast charge USB-C port (15W)
  • 3 USB ports (2x 5W + 1x 10W)
  • Includes power brick
  • 7.5W Qi-enabled wireless charging top
  • Rubber anti-skid top surface
  • LED lights indicate charging status
  • Ambient light sensor to dim LEDs
  • Clean cable management
  • Heavy-duty weighted rubber base

My first impression of this Nomad device is that it is well designed and built but a little chunky at five inches across and nearly one and a half inches thick. I like the non-skid top and base and the grippy rubber around the circumference.


Nomad Wireless Charging Hub


The top is a 7.5w Qi enabled wireless charger that provides fast charging to compatible Android devices but is limited to 5 watts for iPhone 8 and X. This is a limitation imposed by Apple which has at this writing has only certified 2 chargers for fast charging iPhones. This means you can count on about two hours for a 50% charge on an iPhone X. This works fine for me as I generally pop the iPhone X on the charger when I’m not using it just to keep the charge up, I use the faster outputs for serious charging.




Nomad Wireless Charging Hub


Speaking of serious charging one of the four outputs on the bottom is a 15w fast charge USB-C port that works on iPhone 8 and X as well as most current Android phones. On iPhone Nomad claims a 50% charge in 30 minutes. However, you have to put the phone in Airplane mode and turn off all the background apps which is a bit of a pain. I prefer to simply plug in my iPhone powered-up with apps running which gives me 32% in thirty minutes. By the way, the result is exactly same with the Apple 61w USB-C power adapter from my MacBook Pro.


Nomad Wireless Charging Hub


For your other devices, the hub has a 2.4A USB-A port for tablets, and two additional 1A USB-A ports for smartphones or smartwatches.


The hub produces 30 watts of output, which means it can, indeed, charge five devices at the same time. But, depending on the devices some may charge slightly more slowly.


I love that the ports are hidden underneath the hub. It keeps the cables organized and out of the way so you can leave them plugged in and just use whichever one you need. The hub itself plugs into your wall outlet via a proprietary cable and power brick.


I Like the Nomad Wireless Charging Hub, it is well built if a bit big and serves most of my charging needs both at home and on the road. It is available directly from for $80USD.  The web site is well woth a visit as Nomad has a huge selection of quality mobile accessories. It is also available from for $120CAD

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